Charleston Pierce

List of Services

All prices are by private treaty.  Prices may fluctuate according to scheduling and complexity required. Please contact Charleston directly for a quote.


  • Fashion Show Choreographer

Let Charleston Pierce’s custom choreography make your fashion show into an exclusive event.  Charleston has choreographed shows from small groups (5-10 models) to large groups (250+ models) featuring multiple segments.  With his diverse background in fashion and entertainment, including 15 years as Runway Coach and Model Trainer at Macy’s Passport Fashion Show, Charleston has the skill set to  showcase your designs to their ultimate appeal!

  • Fashion Show Producer/Creative Director

Want to showcase your latest designs and collections with a fashion show produced for your guests and clientele? We can help, Fashion Show Production with Charleston Pierce includes:


Promotion to VIP Network

Website/Flyer Design

Public Relations

Set/Stage Design

Talent Coordination (Models, Dancers, DJ, Singers, Hair & Makeup Teams)

Coordinate castings, fitting, rehearsals

and much more!

  • Fashion Show Host
  • Model Training (private and group rates are available)
  • Runway Coach (private and group rates are available)


Events in Charleston’s realm of expertise include but are not limited to music, dance, entertainment events that promote charities, non profits, designers, talent

  • Event Producer (Price is also applicable to Workshops & Symposiums)
  • Event Host


Current Catalogue of Speech Topics

·         Star Walk: Embrace Your Inner Power and Find Success on the Runway of Life (Speech & Book Signing)

·         The Business of Acting/Modeling

·         Interview Techniques & Self Presentation for Business

·         Audition Preparedness for Models & Actors

·         Model Walk, Model Talk (includes runway walk instruction portion)

·         Your Best Side: Posing for Print Modeling (includes pose instruction portion)

We are constantly adding new topics and are open to developing speeches custom fit to your needs!  Please contact us for details


  • Article writing
  • Article Co-writing
  • Writing
  • Co-Writing
  • Expert Quotes for fiction, non-fiction, film, television


  • Fashion
  • Modeling
  • Fashion for film, television, fiction and non-fiction literature

TV/Radio Host &Guest Appearances

  • TV Host (lifestyle, fashion, interviews on all topics)
  • TV Co-Host (lifestyle, fashion, interviews on all topics)
  • Radio Host (fashion, acting, interviews on all topics, information on scores of topics in the entertainment industry)
  • Radio Co-Host (fashion, acting, interviews on all topics, information on scores of topics in the entertainment industry)
  • TV Guest Appearances  (promoting music, fashion, designers, talent, charities, non-profits, current fashion trends, a wide range of topics in fashion and the entertainment industry)

Talent Coordinator

We are able to supply a catalog on request of the talent that is currently associated with Charleston Pierce Productions upon request.  Please contact us for details

  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Acting
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Entertainment


  • Fashion Show Host/Choreographer/Creative Director/Producer
  • Event Host/Production

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