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I have been privileged to attend several of Charleston Pierce’s Modeling Workshops, which are charged with energy and excitement. A longtime veteran of runway, print and commercial modeling, Charleston has shared his expertise to create safe place where you can come and see what works and doesn’t work for you while receiving real time feedback from a renowned fashion icon and businessman.

I personally have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone, and motivated to bring my best by Charleston’s candid and supportive manner. He has helped me to become more aware of my non-verbal communication (i.e., facial expressions and body language) so that I can better command presence and exude confidence in any environment that I encounter.

It is evident that Charleston is driven and extremely passionate about his craft. He provides you with the necessary tools and advice to inspire you. Most importantly, he personally commits himself to each individual in his workshop. Whether you are an aspiring or established model, business entrepreneur, college graduate entering the work-force, or anyone else looking to project more confidence and control, Charleston will help you discover and reach your personal goals in order to achieve excellence, professionalism, and an unlimited level of success. The invaluable experience can only be described as LIFE CHANGING!!!


Working with Charleston Pierce is truly an amazing experience. Since meeting him just last year, and working with him, I have gotten so much better as a model. He is great at his craft. If you strive for success, to be a star; just get that drive, and make sure you cross paths with this man, on your way there. Nothing short of 5 Stars. Thank you Charleston! Love ya


When Charleston Pierce steps in the room- look out! Not only does he embody a charismatic, debonair, sophisticated charm, but his dashing sense of style, professionalism and wealth of industry knowledge (with over 25 years experience), leaves one assured that they are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. No matter the capacity, whether you are taking one his biweekly Acting or Modeling Workshops, working with / or in one of his fashion shows, or indulging in his presence at one of the Bay Area’s hottest social events you will be enthralled by his passion for the business and zeal for life!

I met Charleston at the 2011 Junior League of San Francisco Fashion Show- Model Training and have since witnessed his business ventures and expertise at such events as his 4-year Business-Anniversary & Fashion Show, the 2011 Junior League Fashion Show, The Academy of Art University Fashion Show, The Academy of Art University Epidemic Film Festival VIP Dinner, ‘Best of the Bay’ hosted by 7×7 Magazine at Ghirardelli Square, ‘PR Summit Conference Kickoff Party’ at the Cantina, ‘Models for a Cause Fundraiser and Runway Contest’ at Circolo Lounge, ‘Mission for Remission’ Epi Center Medspa Fundraiser, ‘Womentv Now Fashion Show’ at Kaama Lounge, San Jose, CA and more. Whether he attends events such as these to coordinate, support or observe he always manages to make the ‘Jack of All Trades’ look good!

With each event I have recognized Charleston’s impressive communication/networking skills and genuine adoration and respect toward others; including his models, makeup artists, designers and clients. He exudes a teamwork, ‘can-do’ attitude which suggests ‘if they succeed, I succeed’! He is an active listener who leads by example. If you wish to hone in on your talents in the areas of modeling and acting, or are in need of a successful soiree/fundraiser, or would simply like to become more self-confident, business minded and/or successful, he can help you ‘Make it Happen’!


Working with Charleston was an amazing experience. As a Fashion Designer and an event producer myself, I’ve worked with so many people in the industry, but never seen and worked with somebody with such energy, professionalism, and so much fun production as Charleston Pierce and his crew. Any event Charleston produces, big or small, guaranteed success!


Charleston Pierce is the best runway coach I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He is great at motivating people and getting them to realy believe in themselves.

Me personally, I came to Charlestons Modeling workshop, a shy model, trying to break into swim suit and underwear modeling. Shy, isn’t the best way to be in that particular realm of modeling, my goal for coming to the workshop was to bring out my inner rock star, and in just a few classes I feel like much more confident. When I visualize my modeling career now my attitude has changed from ‘Ican do it’ to ‘I’m gonna do it’.

Watch me.
::flexing my fingers:: Ahem… So, I really have not logged onto Yelp for a very long time, but decided that a review was past due for an amazing person I met named Charleston Pierce. As a cancer survivor volunteer for the Asian American Hatwalk 2010, I already had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful and kind people to support this benefit for the Asian American Cancer Support Network. However, Charleston was amazing in helping us boost the self confidence we needed for the show. I met Charleston as our Hatwalk choreographer and he was very informative and patient with models that had NO prior “catwalk” experience at all. His charm, humor and enthusiasm definitely helped ease the tension before walking in front of a large audience and I’m grateful he was there to give his time and dedication. I am interested in taking his Saturday afternoon classes! See you there~

Charleston Pierce Presents…. Where do I begin? I will start by saying thanks to this awesome guy who has helped me grow in the fashion community of San Francisco. Whether its an event Charleston is attending or Producing you will always get 100% of Charleston Pierce. Every Charleston Pierce Presents Production I have been apart of has been an event filled with High Energy, Plenty of excitement, and Amazing Talent! Charleston does a great job of putting on a show but also does a great job of giving back to the community. Several of his events are used as fund raisers in order to give back to the community of San Francisco. I could write all day about this man, but I will close with this.
“All things are possible, But you gotta make it happen! ” oh and my Favorite line from Charleston… “The world is your Runway, So you better work it!”
Miguel V.
I’ve been modeling for so long that I don’t even know when was the first time i took some lessons & classes for anything… I remembered I was in NYC & WeHo, but here in the Bay Area, nope!

I was supposed to be retired when I moved back to the Bay Area, but when my broski got ill last year, I shaved my head ball & realize how short life is. Not that I don’t live it up HA!

Having said that, I want to focus on what I used to love most… wasn’t the designers bags & shoes; wasn’t the diamonds & watches I deal with; wasn’t how big the purchase order I get from my clients; none of that matters much when I sat in the intensive care unit praying for my broski to pull through!

It was the food & wine that passionate to share with my family & friends. It was the taking random pictures, photo shoots & fashion shows that drawn me into. It was the volunteer & charitable work. It was the things that I forgot to do!

& just like that I was back in blogging about food & wine. Just like that I was back to taking photos & runway shows… & of all this humble fashion scene in the Bay Area, the one & only of it all is Charleston Pierce! He’s THE man! He’s the best runway coach that you can ever have around here!

His class was informative, innovative, creative & most of so much FUN & HANDS ON than any other classes that I’ve ever took from the Left coast to the Right coast.

He’s fun, knowledgeable, 25 years of experience under his belt, & super charming. Honestly, what else you can ask for, really!

So if you would like to break in the modeling/acting business, or if you just want to gain that confident, or you just want to improve your game *WINK*, this is it for you.

Yes, it can be intimidated at first, but all the models are nice, friendly & super cool, & before you know it. You become 1 of us!

Just a simple great class, highly recommend to all.
Charleston Pierce…very professional, nice, pleasant to work for and with, knowledgable, helpful, kind and most of all a sweet heart. What I enjoy most about working with Charleston is his professionalism, not being afraid to tell me and/or the other models negative and positive feed back. I love it because it’ll help me in the long run and i thank him each and every time. I’m so happy i meet Charleston, he’s not only a teacher/mentor, he’s my friend…

Theresa S

Charleston has an amazing energy that radiates around the city and beyond. His commitment to bettering the lives of others has been displayed through the countless benefit events that he has produced. He is genuine and truly cares about people. On the surface Charleston may be perceived as all glitz and glam, while he does have a lot of glam, there is a deeper layer within him comprised of someone that truly cares.

The fashion shows that I have attend have been fantastic! The models are flawless. The designers that he collaborates with along with the lighting and music make his shows delicious eye candy. His high energy and commitment to perfection make every show a success!

He has motivated and inspired many and helped them to achieve their dreams. He’s passionate about the work that he does, enriches the lives of those that he touches, and is a true success. I am lucky to have him in my life.

Keep doing what you do, Charleston!
Tawny R.

You can’t ever step away from knowing someone like Charleston Pierce. This man is someone that everyone should know. His smooth appearance is just the icing on the cake for the richness of his whole hearted spirit that is constantly giving to his community.

To be at one of his events doesn’t complete your journey through life. Upon just seeing him, you want more. And once meeting him, you can’t get enough. The energy he exudes is vibrant and fulfilling. He never leaves you thinking you’ve met a celebrity. He settles your spirit with by sharing how to celebrate YOU!!!

Simply beautifully outstanding is all I have left to say…

!!!!!!THE BEST model coach!!!!!

After I attended to Charleston’s workshop for his birthday fashion show, I was so speechless in many ways!! Not only he would teach you posing, posture, walk for runway, but he’s well detailed and he really cares about each individual students!

My brain was so overwhelmed after the class was over in wonderful ways with great experience and things I learned from Charleston!!

He sure is the BEST model coach and a great life coach at the same time!! I’d love to attend more of his workshops to improve myself as a model!!

BIG THANK YOU to Charleston Pierce who gives us hope and finds our possibilities inside of us!! : )
Julia S.

Charleston Pierce, What can I say…Not only does he put together an amazing fashion show, he truly cares about people. Charleston go’s out of his way to promote local business’s and local talent. If Charleston say’s he will make it happen, he will make it happen! I am a big fan! If you haven’t been to one of his shows then you need to attend one.
Charleston Pierce Always Making it Happen!!!
Mario H.
I attended Charleston Pierce’s workshop on Saturday and can’t wait to go again. I left feeling more confident with myself and my walk. I felt he really focused on each one of us individually and that the time spent was very productive. The best part is that I attended a show that night and the next day, and people told me that my walk was fierce. I feel that way because of the tips I learned from him, I am a better performer!!! :) ))

Sabrina S.
We worked together at the 2009 Macy’s Passport fashion show. I have to say that he’s one of the most passionate and committed person in the whole event.
He was a former Passport model so he got immense experience in carrying out the show and directing the models. The show turned out to be a great success. I believe that without his expertise, it would not have been carried out so greatly. Of course, there’s also the stylists!
The after parties was also awesome! He made connections with everyone and bought me drinks (thanks!) and made sure everyone was having a good time.
Looking forward to work with him again someday.
Tracy W

Charleston Pierce-
I just met this fellow a week ago, at a charity fashion show he was coaching for the fight for aids campaign and needless to say he has instantly had an impact on me. There is an essence this man brings with him everywhere, an energy that fills up the room and absorbs everyone in the general radius. Charleston cares for his models, novice or veterans and isn’t afraid to give you the constructive criticism you need. With out a doubt this man brings and creates greatness wherever he goes. I highly recommend Mr. Pierce, because he does not treat you like a student, he treats you like family.
Charleston Pierce is awfylly warm hearted and sweet. Modeling for a while you get stagnant in your style and it is always good to get a fresh pair of eyes, especially as experienced as Charleston’s to critique your work. He brings fun to the long hours of pre-show rehearsals and makes practising upbeat..
He brings his elegance to events and is quite hands on giving each model individual coaching and attention and gives pointers to hone your skill.
I recommend him for anybody looking for coaching in modeling.
Havsa H.

Wanted to touch base and let you know how much I enjoyed, your modeling Boot Camp this past Saturday. It was informative, motivating and entertaining. You and your team provided insightful information in a no-nonsense manor. You are definitely providing a much needed service to the industry, as well has helping individuals identify and hone their personal sense of style and sophistication.

You are definitely making it happen…
Quincy J.
Perhaps I am biased since my fiance is a model and does a lot of events for Charleston so I get to hear all the planning pre-event and have been to a ton of his events. The guy puts on good shows, helps raise money for very worthy causes and is a great networker. From my perspective he does at least two shows/events a month, (but in reality I’m sure it’s a lot more, those are just the ones I hear about) I’ve been to about 8 or 9 of his fashion shows. If you get the chance to be involved with his organization, or go to one of his shows you will not be disappointed. They are very well run, entertaining, lively and always have a very attractive mix of people. Great job!
Audrey V.
Charleston is classy, fun, professional, determined and kind. It’s always a pleasure to be in his company, whether in a working capacity or when attending his always fabulous events!
Victoria T
Charleston Pierce is a subject matter expert in his field of work. He is passionate, insightful, and innovative as a Producer, a Trainer, and an Event Planner. Charleston has the experience and the foresight to produce results that over exceeds his clients’ expectations. The quality and the standard of his services are second to none. In addition, what really sets Charleston apart is his patience, his integrity, and his creative approach to his work. His genuine personality truly makes him a pleasure to work with. Thanks Charleston.
Charleston Pierce is the ULTIMATE Professional and the Go-To-Man when it comes to Arts & Entertainment, Party & Event Planning! He comes with a diverse network in the industry that’s incomparable and is highly regarded in the SF scene. Charleston works with heart and is highly dedicated/driven to deliver only the very best! I count Charleston not only as a professional colleague but also as a wonderful lifetime friend. Some people just leave that kind of footprint in your life. Charleston, you’re an absolute inspiration to us all!
Morgan L
All I can say is that he is THE MAN. We recently did a Fashion Show at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose and if Charleston would have not been there, our show would’ve been a catastrophe. He’s a very professional, positive, organized and responsible individual. His energy is amazing, loved working with him. I truly cannot describe how much it meant for us, the models, having him there. He truly is a blessing. Charleston Thank You so much, I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the work you did for us, it means a lot. Hope to work with you again.
Rosely M.

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Charleston at yesterdays HATWALK 2010 benefit event for the Asian American Cancer Support Network. Charleston choreographed four different segments of the show: The opening number, fashion segment, cancer survivor segment and the grand finale. He gave pointers and motivation to each of the 30+ models of the show on an individual basis. I look fwd to working with Charleston again in the future and will look into some of his classes as I need some brushing up for my Macy’s petite trunkshow events coming up.
Stacey L.
charleston pierce is fierce!

he is professional, passionate, caring, charming, and just all around a fabulous person. he brings out the best in you cause he is the best of the best. i am blessed to have met him and definitely looking forward to seeing more of his shows for sure!

charleston – you are awesome!
thank you for being the best model coach ever!
Dot K.
Charleston is one of a kind. Passionate in what he does and believe. Admirable qualities in a person you would want to mentor from. I met CP on a whim when I decided to go to my first model casting. What he has taught me has given me the confident to reach goals I’ve only had thoughts about. He’s been there when I neeeded motivation to perform. He’s a person who you can say “I’m glad to have met him and he’s made some difference in my life”.
Mary G
Charleston Pierce rocks !!!!!!! I worked with him in Baby Be Mine Fashion show and we made it happen because of him ! Great Energy, Super professional and Great Personality. Also,I learned alot from him. All of his fashion shows and events are fantastic and enjoyable !!
Jackie L.

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